What is the PM² alliance about and how you can benefit

I have been authoring articles about the PM² methodology developed by the European Commission and how it is now seeking to become one of the project management practices adopted by the international community of project managers. The creation of the PM² Alliance has been a major step in this direction. The Alliance is the manifestation of the efforts made by the community of PM² practitioners and enthusiasts to create a home for PM² outside of EU Institutions and to accelerate its adoption across Europe. I will now tell you what the PM²Alliance is, and how you too can play an active role in it.


Before we begin to explore in more detail what the PM² Alliance is about, you may first want to learn a bit more about the PM² Project Management methodology. If so, I recommend that you take a look at this article, which will tell you everything you need to know about it.

You might also like to read through the PM² Mindsets, which serve both to differentiate and to add value to the methodology. The Mindsets aim to help you adapt your methods and behaviours to different situations that may occur during your projects.


What is the PM² Alliance?

In essence, the PM² Alliance is a common place of reference for the whole community of project managers. Through the Alliance, members of the community can contribute to the dissemination of the new methodology for project management.

The PM² Alliance has been conceived as an international non-profit organisation. Founded by PM² methodology practitioners, its main objective is to establish a starting point for dialogue, the exchange of resources, and the sharing of different solutions to the day-to-day problems that arise around project management. All this, of course, through the promotion of the PM² methodology.


What is the PM² Alliance Manifesto?

The group of practitioners who founded the PM² Alliance share a common set of goals. In order to share these objectives and make it possible for the whole community to adhere to them, they produced a manifesto.

The Manifesto is an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to understand what is being pursued and what their reasons should be for using the methodology in day-to-day projects. Here it is:


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  • We shall evolve PM² to cover the PM community’s needs through the coordinated involvement of the community itself.
  • We shall invest in the simplicity of the PM² approach rather that developing it towards becoming a comprehensive super toolbox.
  • We shall invest in the proliferation and establishment of the PM² Mindsets as an essential dimension of effective project management and team behaviour.
  • We shall promote the PM² Governance Model as an indispensable pillar of project management and a success enabler for the creation of value for stakeholders.
  • We shall be guided by agile strategies which allow us to be responsive to the domain’s evolving demands and needs.

As you can see, the manifesto clearly states the aims behind the PM² Alliance and the vision: moving in an evolutionary, adaptive way away from rules engraved in stone and towards a more agile version focused on productive mindsets and what works in reality. It illustrates what is an eminently pragmatic, yet rigorous, approach.

Given this aim and this vision, having a community of practitioners who can contribute their knowledge and experience becomes a determining factor. The community can help define the different routes along which PM² can evolve and the different adaptations it will have to make along the way.


Want to participate in the PM² Alliance Community?

To become a member of the PM² Alliance, all you need to do is register on their website at

Once you are a member of the network, you will be able to participate by exchanging your experiences and comments with the rest of the community (currently there are members from all over Europe and beyond, and it is still expanding rapidly). In addition, you will be able to access the Open PM² Alliance community and the PM² Alliance support network gaining knowledge and practical insights without borders.

What’s more, as a member: you will be able to attend Conferences, Webinars and Seminars; you will have access to PM² Alliance resources and publications; and you can register to receive PM² Alliance certification at members’-only prices. We’ll take a look at these below.


PM² Alliance Certification

One of the services offered by the PM² Alliance to improve knowledge of and expand the use of the PM² methodology is the provision of PM² certification. Although some people tend to simply collect certificates, this most probably reflects just how useful they can be in allowing us to focus on our knowledge of a new methodology.

Certification exams also provide a good incentive to learn new things, as they force us to study the given material in a more systematic way.

The certifications currently offered by the PM² Alliance are:

  • PM² Basic Certification. Confirms a basic level of knowledge about the methodology. The idea is that people who do not already have knowledge relating to project management can apply for it. However, this is not the only target group.
  • PM² Essentials Certification. This is the entry-level certification for practitioners who lead or participate in the development of projects. As the first step, it confirms that the holder fully understands the methodology’s underlying concepts.
  • PM² Advanced Certification. This next-level certification follows on naturally from the previous one. It is aimed at people who lead projects or support project management at an expert level.
  • PM² Agile Certification. This certification confirms the holder’s knowledge of agile principles, tools and techniques within PM² projects.
  • PM² Trainer Certification. This new certification is aimed at trainers and confirms both their knowledge of the methodology and their ability to teach and prepare other candidates to be tested.

Note that all certification examinations can be taken online at any time from your own computer. You don’t have to travel to the premises of an affiliated provider to take the exam; as long as certain minimum requirements are met, you can even take the exam from your own home.


If you want to know more

I hope you enjoyed acquainting yourself with the PM² Alliance in a little more depth. If you still want to know more, here is some additional interesting material.
If you want more information, I recommend the following:


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Recibe nuestro contenido exclusivo para suscriptores: Más de 100 Libros gratuitos, notificaciones de nuevo contenido, ventajas, etc.

Únete a otros 15.560 suscriptores

¡Síguenos por email!

Recibe nuestro contenido exclusivo para suscriptores: Más de 100 Libros gratuitos, notificaciones de nuevo contenido, ventajas, etc.

Únete a otros 15.560 suscriptores